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Find out what people think about you. What do people at your firm perceive to be your strengths and weaknesses? And how can you use that information to improve your interpersonal skills and increase your success in your personal and professional relationships?

You’ll find a powerful learning system for improving the interpersonal skills you need for business and personal success. You’ll learn how the people around you experience interacting with you. You’ll then use action-oriented lessons to immediately begin improving your skills.

Interpersonal Skills

Strong interpersonal skills are a key to success, right? Yet it’s that “inter” part that gets tricky. How can you assess skills that by their very nature depend on other people’s perception? Even if you asked the people around you, would they give it to you straight? They will if they can do so anonymously. Find Out More >>

Problem Solving Skills

Coming in April 2009:

Are you a go-to problem solver? We all like to think of ourselves as problem solvers. And if determination alone made for a talented problem solver, then we’d all be great. The fact is effective problem solving involves specific behaviors. Find Out More >>

BPA360 Assessment

What is the BPA360 assessment? Think of the BPA360 as a way to ask the people around you for feedback on your basic behaviors. The survey tool invites the people around you to provide anonymous feedback on how they experience interacting with you. The BPA360 assessment provides a starting point for change by giving you information about how other people see you. Find Out More >>


Okay, your core skills are solid, right? Yet you know that the complementary set of interpersonal skills are often the key to career advancement. So why wait for the firm to first promote you and then provide leadership development training that includes 360 degree feedback? The time to develop the skills is before you change jobs or get promoted. Improving your skills now will make you even more competitive for your next position.

Online delivery allows individuals to improve their skills using 360 assessments typically offered only to managers and partners. BPA360 learning systems combine a detailed feedback profile with a personalized self-coaching plan to improve your interpersonal skills.

Take charge of your own professional development. Learn about the adjustments you need to make and see how changing your behavior can improve your relationships and your career…. Find Out More >>


Do you ever find yourself wishing you could change some aspect of your firm’s culture? Do the members of your firm listen effectively? Do managers ever withhold feedback? Do people typically resolve conflict as needed or avoid conflict when possible?

Firms, as you know, are stronger and function more effectively when the members display strong leadership skills and interpersonal skills. The good news is that these skills are learned. People can improve their skills.

BPA360’s online learning systems combine detailed feedback with a self-coaching plan for improving interpersonal skills. The BPA360 assessment uses anonymous input from peers and associates to provide each individual with a detailed feedback back profile that serves as a starting point for change. Action-oriented lessons then prompt learners to place new behavior in specific contexts… Find Out More >>

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